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Options for family law conflict resolutions

There is no one way to arrive at a settlement on any issue in family law. At Bruyer & Mackay, we offer a full spectrum of legal services from mediation to litigation. Each process has pros and cons. Bruyer & Mackay has experts in all processes and can advise on the best route for your individual circumstances.


A couple agrees to work out a settlement without going to court.

Each party is represented by an attorney trained in the collaborative divorce process. The attorney is there to advise and assist in negotiating an agreement. The prodcess draws on the expertise of other professionals, such as child specialists, financial specialsts, and divorce coaches.



A couple works with a neutral mediator or arbitrator, expert in divorce law, who helps both parties come to agreement.

Each party then consults with their own attorney before an agreement is signed.

Where a mediated settlement isn’t possible, parties may agree to leave the decision to an independent arbitrator.



Where the couple is adversarial or unlikely to succeed at collaboration or mediation for other reasons, litigation is the most appropriate option.

Litigation involves a lawsuit, which could be resolved in an out-of-court settlement. Going to court is the riskiest and last option, as it leaves important family decisions in the hands of a judge.