At Bruyer & Mackay we help families build
strong futures, together or apart.

Family law disputes may be devastating, confusing, and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Bruyer & Mackay specializes in transforming disputes into agreements that build a solid foundation for a positive future.

Each lawyer at Bruyer & Mackay brings a unique perspective and breadth of experience to the resolution of family law matters. The Bruyer & Mackay team offers the full continuum of family law expertise from collaborative law, mediation and arbitration, to litigation.

We work to prevent family disputes through all life events with family planning and reproduction agreements, relationship agreements for marriages and co-habitation, and wills and estate planning.

We also offer legal advice to birth parents considering adoption or prospective adoptive parents taking steps to adopt a child locally or internationally.

In cases of emergency, Bruyer & Mackay can help guide you through legal supports such as Emergency Protection Orders or Restraining Orders.

At Bruyer & Mackay, we know most family law matters can be resolved without having to go to trial. If litigation is required, we’re formidable, but we’ve earned the reputation of one of Alberta’s top family law firms, by empowering clients to collaborate and negotiate in ways that support the transition to a better way of life.

Practice Areas

Separation & Divorce

Separation can be scary and stressful. Parents are concerned about the impact on their children and all couples are challenged with sorting out finances and dividing assets fairly.

At Bruyer & Mackay, we support clients with referrals to skilled counsellors, support groups or divorce coaches, who are far more effective at supporting people through transitions than acrimonious legal processes are.

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Child Support & Spousal Support

Strong, clear and fair agreements on child support and spousal support take time and effort to achieve but pay enormous rewards by protecting the needs of children and their parents and reducing the potential for future conflict.

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Division of Assets

Bruyer & Mackay’s expert counsel helps demystify the process of dividing assets while ensuring transparency and cooperation from all parties and full compliance with the law.

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Relationship Agreements

Relationship agreements set the ground rules for a relationship that’s ending or just beginning. The mutual understanding generated through the work of building relationship agreements greatly reduces the potential for future conflict.

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Legal Options

Mediation, Collaboration, Arbitration, Litigation

There is no one way to arrive at a settlement on any issue in family law. At Bruyer & Mackay, we offer a full spectrum of legal services from mediation to litigation. Each process has pros and cons. Bruyer & Mackay has experts in all processes and can advise on the best route for your individual circumstances.

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Our People